The Efficiency of ARRA Coconut Charcoal

on Tuesday 3 May 2016

Brand ARRA coconut charcoal makes the most efficient fuel for all ceramic smokers' cooking. The charcoal is many types. Each type is made to ensure that satisfactorily and quality cooking is met. All are made to meet the requirements of 85% carbon presence, 13% volatility content, 2,4% ash content or below and 6% moisture content-or less. The charcoal has no added additives, petroleum or other fillers and impurities. Any that you buy has been analyzed and it meets the standards of the government. None of them is made from deforested wood. Every bit of them is made from coconut that are from renewable coconut.

The most common and popular brand is the coconut charcoal. This type is a byproduct of coconut meat/cobra. A Kamado extruded lump is more essential for cooking with any type of a smoker. They are more long lasting and have been carbonized properly. This makes them easier and reliable to use in cooking, balking, grilling or smoking of meat or pizza, as well as for bread. If you are looking for a tang and heavy smoked flavor, the only thing that you have to do is add an extra chunk of smoky wood.

Brand ARRA coconut charcoal is smokeless and is made from the best coconut in the forests. The charcoal has also an ability to produce hotter and higher temperatures that make cooking more easily, faster, and effective. It is therefore not possible to find chunks that did not burn unlike in other types of charcoal. Selling of this type of charcoal is in corrugated bocks-not sacks like the rest. It is therefore not possible for the charcoal to crush into finer samples. If you are planning to host a barbecue party, then this is the best and ideal fuel for you. It has been highly inspected to meet the required standards and is eco-friendly.

They have been highly recommended for use since they are an excellent fuel source and can be used in any type grills or smokers. If you are after boiling, then this is the ideal charcoal type to use. It is easier to control the heat and smoke as per the type of cooking you are dealing with. If you are looking for a slower cooking at much lower heat temperatures, you can also do adjustments to fit your cooking method. This is usually required in baking bread, vegetables and pizza. The time and labor used is also much lesser and as a reward, you get a very tasty and perfect meal that your party will never forget.

Each of its boxes weighs 0.0138 kg. The price at which they are sold at is also very competitive considering that they are of very high quality :
this spesification for best product :
Brand : ARRA
Size : 25mm x 25mm x 25mm
Moisture , max 6%
Ash Content , max 2,4%
Volatile Metter , max 13%
Fix Carbon , min 85%
Calorific Value , up to 7500 Kcal /Kg
Heat Content , up to 600 C
Ignition Time , max 10 minutes
Glowing Time , min 2 hours

100% pure organic & natural ingredients, No Taste, No Smell, Smoke Free Spark Free

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