Coconut Charcoal for Real Wood Grilling Experience

on Sunday 10 January 2016

Fuel of course becomes very crucial thing for people because it will be used for various purposes. Maybe modern people are pretty familiar with the fuel which will be used for the machine including the car machine. However, people must not forget that they will also need fuel for cooking. The common fuel option which will be used for cooking is natural gas installed in every home. However, people cannot use it for any cooking need because sometimes they will need the best charcoal when they want to cook with grill method. Natural gas surely will give efficiency for daily cooking but people are talking about grilling, they cannot find the best support from the natural gas because it can bring unwanted smell for their food. Grilling with charcoal fuel actually will give better taste and people must admit this. There are many charcoal brands which can be found out there but people should consider about the charcoal which can give them experience like grilling with real wood.

Many people choose real wood when they want to grill something especially during barbecue party. However, sometimes using real wood for this purpose will not be efficient enough due to the heat delivery. People usually will use charcoal which can deliver better heat to the foods but if people want to get better option, they should use coconut charcoal. People are unable to separated charcoal with barbecue because both are made for one another, but when people consider about the benefits which will be offered by charcoal briquettes, they will think that this is the best charcoal which will give efficiency in heat production. Some people have great worry that if they use coconut coals, there will be additional smell which can ruin the foods but it is not true at all. People will find that the wicked good charcoal can be a new match for bbq party.

People will not find the coal which can be used for cooking made from the coconut wood because people can also find hookah coal. People can also get health benefit from the product which is made from the coal from coconut woods such as activated charcoal uses. Some people have uncomfortable feeling with the gas in their stomach and consuming products of activated charcoal for gas actually will be great and healthy solution for this condition. Last but not least, there is also charcoal filter which can be great for hydroponic planting.

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this my spesification for my best product :
Brand : ARRA
Size : 25mm x 25mm x 25mm
Moisture , max 6%
Ash Content , max 2,4%
Volatile Metter , max 13%
Fix Carbon , min 85%
Calorific Value , up to 7500 Kcal /Kg
Heat Content , up to 600 C
Ignition Time , max 10 minutes
Glowing Time , min 2 hours

100% pure organic & natural ingredients, No Taste, No Smell, Smoke Free Spark Free
Ranking: 5

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