Saving Money with Coconut Charcoal

on Tuesday 5 January 2016

People love to share happiness with other people and this can be the reason why sometimes people want to hold the bbq party with their friends of family. During nice and warm weather in the evening, it must be great for enjoy the delicious barbecue which is fresh from the grill. Grilling the foods right away during the party is a must and it means that people have to prepare the best charcoal for making sure that every meat and other ingredients can be grilled perfectly. Finding various offers of charcoal brands will not be difficult at all but if people consider using regular charcoal for grilling the food, they should change their mind and consider coconut charcoal.

Commonly people will prepare the regular charcoal with barbecue grill for the party because it is easy to find and they think that it will not take a lot of money because this kind of party is pretty pricey. People maybe have ever heard about charcoal briquettes but when they go to the supermarket and find out about the price, maybe they will get shocked because its price is pretty higher than the price of regular charcoal. It is said that coconut coals can help them save money for the party but they cannot believe it in this circumstance. Maybe the coal which is made from coconut shell comes with price tag but people can still see it as wicked good charcoal because it can deliver better heat with smaller amount of coal on the grill. The heat is produced with much higher temperature which means that the food can be done faster than the regular charcoal. This circumstance surely will be useful for saving much more money than they have to spend for buying the regular charcoal.

Coconut shell which is made for grilling coal can also be used for creating other type of coal including hookah coal. Satisfaction is not the only thing which can be offered by the coal made from coconut shell because people can also find great activated charcoal uses for health. If people are suffering with the intestinal gas for example, they do not have to worry because they can find great benefit from activated charcoal for gas. Of course it is made into product which can be consumed easily with high safety and health standard. Another great product which can be made from coconut shell is the charcoal filter which is necessary for specific planting method.

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this my spesification for my best product :
Brand : ARRA
Size : 25mm x 25mm x 25mm
Moisture , max 6%
Ash Content , max 2,4%
Volatile Metter , max 13%
Fix Carbon , min 85%
Calorific Value , up to 7500 Kcal /Kg
Heat Content , up to 600 C
Ignition Time , max 10 minutes
Glowing Time , min 2 hours

100% pure organic & natural ingredients, No Taste, No Smell, Smoke Free Spark Free
Ranking: 5

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